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Natalia Junqueira

Cover Design | Illustrations

I've been a bookworm and a hobby-writer since childhood, so ending up working with writers and readers wasn't a surprise, but more of a natural course. Graduated in Visual arts in 2016, my introduction to the book design world was from a personal project: an illustration book project for college. After that, I've started working with publisher houses as a side job, until I could finally work full time as a freelancer, helping indie and first-time authors to put their words into images.

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Eugenio Vigna

Interior Design | Video Making

I've always been reading books and comics as a greedy devourer, habit that is still alive and that lead me to the path of the actual production of a book. Throughout pretty much all my life I've been in contact with many different genres, including scientific texts, thanks to a quite intense university journey that culminated in a Master Degree in Historic Sciences in 2020. Since then I started my collaboration with Natalia as an indipendent contractor, helping her with the interior design and the formatting of paperbacks and ebooks. As far as now I'm proud to be part of this team, working on making true the dreams of aspiring authors.

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